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What to to Be Paid Attention to the Food Packaging Design

custom medicine paper box.jpgFood is closely related to people's lives. Food packaging design must not only reflect the characteristics of different foods, but also have a deep understanding and accurate grasp of positioning consumer groups. There are lots of conditions that must be met in the design of food packaging. Since rapid development of food packaging has not only enriched people's lives, but also gradually change people's lifestyles. But there are few points need to be attentioned.

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Solution of Anti-Moisture for Gift Box

Custom Tea Gift Box Packaging.jpg

Beautiful custom gift box, custom paper box, custom shopping bags, custom paper card, custom plastic box is full of our viewing. Here we oyt package will use gift box as a example for anti-moisture. Gift boxes are not only as simple as packing gifts, but also the first line of defense to protect inner gifts. If the first line of defense is breached, gifts boxes will be affected. Thus the moisture-proof problem of gift boxes also become a concern for gift box manufacturers. How to protect the gift box from moisture? There are a few solution for the gift box anti-moisture.

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Quality Problems and Their Solutions For Paper Box Packaging

custom paper box packaging (2).jpgDie cutting is the key step in the process of paper box packaging.

Do you know how to solve the eight problems of paper box packaging die cutting? How to ensure the quality of die cutting is a very concerned problem in printing factory. At present, the main problems faced by the paper box packaging printing factory are long plate change time, poor printing to cutting accuracy, poor die-cutting quality, too many paper hairs, too many connection points, irregular trace lines, slow production speed and high scrap rate.

Following are some common quality problems and their solutions for paper box packaging, hoping to be helpful.

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How to select a good paper box packaging

How to select a good paper box packaging? There are some ways follows below.

Details of paper box packaging printing efforts: 

1.The design style conforms to the product type of paper box packaging.

2. Selection of raw materials for paper box packaging.

3. Size and printing of paper box packaging.

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