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Attention of the Packaging Boxes in the Package Design

china custom paper box.jpgAs the notice of the package for the products, there is attention  should be paid of the Packaging boxes in the design details.

Attention of the Packaging boxes in the design details:

1. Size: before each packaging box design, we have to determine its size. In determining the size of the box, we must check and confirm the material used in the post-printing phase of the box, the paper thickness of the box. Most are corrugated and non-corrugated, corrugated ( generally with E tile). Non-corrugated paper is relatively thick. Thus before the design, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the paper, so as to scale the size, in case the final items can not be loaded after the size design.

2. Packaging boxes are also part of for printing, so we need to design and layout in vector system.

3. If the shape of the box is special, then we must draw the die line, and the group all die line together, because Mold printing factory is to make the knife mold according to your die line.


4. During designing the package, we usually print the design out with 1:1 rate after drawing the die line, we usually simply fold a non printing box to see whether the size and structure of the lid and ears are reasonable.

5. The packaging box is also printed matter, so the pictures and graphics we use should be in CMYK color mode or pantone color mode. The clarity of the image must be higher than 300 points, otherwise the finished product may be blurry.

6. Packaging box will generally appear the following content: the picture of the product, the brand trademark of the product, the name of the product, the use of the product has a general introduction, the bar-code of the product, and the general introduction of the manufacturer)

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